18 May, 2022

New Home Decor Design

Let’s start at the beginning. Your front porch is the first impression everyone has of your home even before they step through your doors. Why not make it inviting? It is all about the accessories. I will show you four gorgeous front porches and tell you how to find the right accessories to complement your style and create your own Pinterest worthy front porch.

This front porch entry has a classic style. The huge ornamental planters make a statement. The gorgeous full wreath beautifully compliments the light turquoise front door. If you are loving the classic style of this front porch add a wreath with roses, peonies and a lot of green and place large classic style urns on each side of the door.

This front porch has a timeless welcoming style. Don’t you want to just grab a book and curl up on that bench? If you dig this style add a pretty weathered bench, a cozy blanket and personal touches like the welcome sign. To add extra depth and warmth mix textures like they did here with the wood, rattan basket, knit pillow and metal sign.

This home has a casual and even beachy feel. To steal this style, paint your front door a light blue and add plenty of natural textures like wicker and wood. Plants, the gorgeous pendant light and the cute welcome sign only add to the homey vibe. Plus, did you see the tiny hello on the front door, little details like this will make your home stand out from the rest.


One of the most common areas that people struggle with is bookcase or shelf styling. There are often many surfaces of different sizes so naturally, deciding what to put on those can be difficult. In an attempt to assist with this common problem, I have put together a few steps and essential pieces for styling your bookcases, built-ins and shelves.


Clear the shelf entirely. Eliminate a few pieces that you’ve had for many years or those that are dates.

(I removed a lot of wooden signs as I felt it was making my home look like a Cracker Barrel.)


Put your largest items on the bottom shelf. This is a great place for baskets, like these sea grass ones from HomeGoods. I also hide wires and remote controls in here. You can cut out the back and run wires inside.


Add white or neutral colored books. I use these upright in between bookends. I lay them flat and put picture frames and small pots on top. I also turn the spines in to have pages exposed. These are essential pieces in creating this look. I get all of my fabric covered books here. You can also take paper covers off of hard covered books for this look.


For this look, I removed a lot of my heavy frames and replaced them with these thinly framed gallery frames. I love this look because it adds a simplicity to the space that makes it feel fresh.





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